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Web Map Service (WMS) can be added to the GeoCloud Portal. WMS data can be shown at the map, but not in the 3D Window or Profile Window.
The user interface for these data has a filtering option. You can remove the WMS connections, depending on assigned access levels.

- open WMS connection and extent information

- update extent data with the external server's extent data. Useful if the extent has changed after WMS layer has been added to GeoCloud.

- delete WMS Connection

WMS Information

When clicking the button, you can see the following information. You cannot edit any information.

Add WMSs

When you add WMS connections, you cannot drag and drop like you do with all the other data.
Instead click at the green 'Add WMS' to add a WMS connection.

Type or copy the WMS URL into the field and click the search button.

For more WMS settings click the button, and the following dialog appears.

When you have added the URL, you might need to add a Username and/or Password.
If the WMS contains multiple layers, you need to select the specific layer you will like to see at the map.
For each layer you want to add from a WMS URL, a new WMS connection entry is needed.

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