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Misc Data

Miscellaneous Data works like all other data, but can not be shown at the map, the profiles nor the 3D Window. The Miscellaneous Data can be (almost) all form for file types.

The user interface for these data has a filtering option and number of entries is available, and the users can download and/or delete data, depending on assigned access levels.

- open file information

- download data file

- delete data file

Miscellaneous Data Information

When opening the Miscellaneous Data Information, it will look something like below.
Here you can edit 'Name' and 'Description'.

Upload Miscellaneous Data

When uploading Miscellaneous Data, drag and drop the file to the 'Upload Window'.
Select the right data type.

Give the file a 'Name', 'Description' and 'Type'.

Click 'Finish'. When the status for your file turns green and reads 'Succes' your file is uploaded to the GeoCloud Portal.

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