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- User roles

When opening the user adminstration page, it will look something like this

New Users:

Press the green button . The window below appears. Add email address and optional write a text message.
Press “Finish” and an email is sent to the selected email address. The email includes a link to create a password for the GeoCloud access.

The new user will receive an email, and then have to register by following the link in the email:

The link opens the GeoCloud page and ask the new user to register by first name, last name, and to create a password.
After registering, the new user is added to the list of users for the specific GeoCloud portal.

Existing users

In the Actions column, there are 3 options to change access levels and roles to existing users:

: Assign User Role (Administrator or Regular user).

: Send Password Reset Link (allows users to create a new password).

: Delete existing users (Remove user).

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