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Blanking of a portal in general

The blanking option allows administrators to blank (hide) selected data below a certain depth. The depth is defined by a surface (2D grid). This means that data below this depth are invisible for users at lower access levels.
By default, a GeoCloud portal is setup without the blanking being activated. Blanking activates some restrictions depending on the various user roles (User roles). When activating blanking you will restraint your portal in the following way:

- Viewers will no longer be able to use 3D viewer.
- Viewers will no longer be able to see 2D and 3D grids on the map.
- Access to draw WMS for viewers are denied.

The viewer user role will therefore only see published data, mostly on profiles, and all the data that the viewer is allowed to watch must be positioned above the blanking surface.

Selecting a blanking 2D grid

Logon to the GeoCloud as administrator

A blanking surface is selected (1) from the uploaded 2D grids. Anything below this surface will be blanked for the viewer user role. At box (2) the selected grid can be shifted upwards or downwards (positive values is increasing depth). E.g., selecting a terrain surface and adding a value of 50 will result in blanking of all data below 50 m of the terrain surface.

After a blanking grid have been selected

After a 2D blanking grid has been selected, you are provided with three new boxes. The first is like the original one, which provides the functionality to change blanking grid. The second option provides information regarding the grid used for blanking. The third option allows the admin to remove blanking from the portal.

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