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Progress and status

Use the mouse to see status for a check out.
• Pending is a check out.
• Ready for QA, is a check in but not accepted or rejected.

In the “Information” you can see the Mapping name, the expected Check-in Date, the Check-out date, the user, the Check-out Purpose, and the status. It is also possible to download the XY points from polygon as a .csv file. Regular users can not see all information.

Holding the mouse key over the arrow circle _ you can see the upload status processing queue. When a user starts an upload, it is possible to follow the process. If you start an upload when another upload is already processing, the upload is queued, and you can follow the process here.

Pressing the Checkout List View _ in the bottom of the page you get an overview of all checkouts. You can search in and sort the list.

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