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LARge scale geo model management and COllabroration System.

LARCOS is used to maintain a layer model, by allowing multiple users to update a model at the same time but in different areas. There are tools to support quality control, and the changes are to be accepted before the model is updated in the GeoCloud database.

There are tree user roles in the system: Regular users, Quality assurance users and Administrators.

They all must login See (LARCOS Login).
The administrators handle users and roles. They also have the same privileges as Quality assurance users See (Portal administration).
The overall workflow starts with a regular user, who checks out a model area and receive the local model data. After an update of the model in GeoScene3D the user check in the changes See (Regular user).
Then the Quality assurance users receives an email and can download data for quality control. The model updates can be accepted or rejected See (Quality assurance user).

Create kml file using QGIS

FOHM model GeoScene3D project


Map options and legend

Portal administration

Progress and status

Quality assurance

Check out modelling area

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