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Upload of GeoScene3D export

When a access database have been dropped into the dropzone, you will be met with the following procedure:

Choose “Borehole Data”, click “Continue”

Choose “MS Access Database”, click continue. After clicking continue, the file will be uploaded and requires additional setup. Click on the file in the upload list to enter the editing mode.

The first window that will appear is the Borehole File Details. Enter the name, type of data, description of the data and the EPSG, hit continue.

Next enter the Borehole Position Table. The naming convention of the GeoScene3D export follows the titles for the dropdown menus in the GeoCloud upload windows.

Lithology can be filled following the inputs from the table.

Stratigraphy can be skipped.

Borehole inclination can be skipped.

Borehole water level can be filled as in the picture, if water level is present within the borehole.

Borehole screen can be filled as in the picture, if a screen is present.

Select the unit used for the boreholes.

Choose the symbology. The symbology needs a separate file that have already been uploaded which follows the same naming convention as the symbology column in the drilling database.

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