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GeoScene3D as a Preprocesser

This section will show how GeoScene3D can be used as a preprocesser of data. GeoScene3D can take various file formats where these formats can be exported to a GeoCloud friendly format.

Formatting Data

GeoScene3D is a powerful tool for preproccesing data, for example wells can be fitted to a terrain model to add an elevation. This elevation will then be exported together with the other data.

Export GC File

When the data have been imported to GeoScene3D it will appear as a object. From here right click and select “Object Properties”. From here go to the fan “Data” and select “Export GC file…”. See picture below.

GeoScene3D's “Export GC file…” function will return an access database which is compatible with GeoCloud in the following format.

The table and column names from the GeoScene3D's function “Export GC file…” correspond to the field names in the GeoCloud upload (e.g. Intake Number = Intake_Number, etc.)

See more about boreholes here: Boreholes

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