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Wells Template Description

This section will go through the tables and fields to make the database compatible with both GeoCloud and GeoScene3D.

Data Format

The following picture shows the expected data type of the fields in More on format can be found on this link: Jupiter Generic Database Format

If the data is supposed to work local with GeoScene3D as well as being uploaded to GeoCloud it is important to follow the formatting that GeoScene3D requires. The position of the top of the drilling is in elevation, the top and bottom of a lithology or screen is in depth and the water level is in elevation.

When the database has been filled out it could look somewhat similar to the picture below.

For uploading this data type to GeoCloud click here: Boreholes

For importing boreholes into GeoScene3D use add data wizard and follow the steps within this page: Upload of GeoScene3D Export

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