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GeoCloud DokuWiki

The GeoCloud is a powerful, cloud-based service and application that enables users to store, share, and work with large amounts of geological data, independently of their physical location. By providing easy access to geological data through a web browser, GeoCloud streamlines collaboration and data management, making it a valuable tool for the geoscience community.

This DokuWiki serves as the primary source of information for managing and utilizing the GeoCloud. The sidebar (to the left) contains detailed articles on various aspects of the GeoCloud and its capabilities. Should there be any areas that are not covered by the available documentation, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at for assistance.

For program news updates, and other relevant information, please visit geocloud. Furthermore, for information about I•GIS A/S, please visit Additionally, the top right corner of the DokuWiki features a search bar to easily locate key information relevant to your subject of interest. The sidebar organizes all the sites in a clear and logical manner for easy navigation.

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